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Welcome to A2B Metro, the electric two wheeler that’s redefining the way we go places. Take the A2B Metro for a spin and you’ll feel it immediately – the freedom that comes from being able to pedal or cruise under power thanks to its power on demand acceleration.

Specifiche Tecniche

Maximum power assistance speed

15.5 mph


Up to 40 miles.


Battery state of charge


Sanyo advanced lithium ion battery removable for portable charging, or installed in the frame


4–5 hours (plugs into a standard outlet).

A2B Motor/Power

Ultra Motor 250w brushless motor


7-speed Shimano Alivio


High quality Avid BB5 disc brakes (front and rear) for responsive braking.


Front and rear suspension to absorb bumps in the road.


TIG welded 6061 aluminium frame enabled from advanced hydroforming technology.


Side bags, basket, panniers custom fit to your bike.



Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does the A2B Metro go and how far?

15.5 mph is its maximum motor powered speed with off road button up to 20mph. Each battery gives 20 miles of un-assisted range.

How do you set your own pace?

Simply twist the throttle to turn power on and off.

How does the A2B Metro handle hills?

Thanks to Ultra Motor’s proprietary motor technology, the A2B Metro delivers impressive torque to ensure excellent hill climbing capability.

How do I charge the A2B Metro?

Recharging is as easy as charging a mobile phone or laptop. Simply plug into any standard outlet. A2B Metro lithium ion battery technology recharges fully within 4-5 hours and holds its charge more efficiently than lead-based battery technology.

Does the A2B Metro come with a range of accessories?

We have a range of accessories to meet your lifestyle needs available at your local Ultra Motor dealer.

How do I know I am running low on power?

A state-of-charge battery icon on the bike highlights the level of charge. Motor power comes from the lithium ion battery – there is no recharging as you pedal.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty?

Lifetime frame, 2 year motor & 2 year battery warranty, 1 year warranty on standard bike parts (except tyres, tubes, seat fabrics, grips, chain, cables, and brake pads).

How does the A2B Metro help the environment?

The A2B Metro is 100% electric and delivers zero emissions at point of use. It uses nominal amounts of electricity less than 1 KWh per charge.

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